Hello 2023, Hello New Blog

Enough for the silent, I want back to tech community

Back in the day, I was blogging related to tech or self-motivation on my self-hosted WordPress and using my domain "Teknomuslim.com". Years later Medium was hyped and I moved all of my blog content to Medium under the Teknomuslim publication. Under that publication, my blog was shifting from tech in general to more related to software engineering, project management, and PHP-Laravel stuff.

Then the workload at the office became high and I have no time to write anymore. I know this is a lame excuse or I am just bad at time management. It was like only two or three posts in a year. Even in 2020 I only produced one post. After that, no more writing.

Hey, it's 2023 already. What's now?

It's time to change, I will start to contribute again. My latest retrospective was choosing between the IC track or the management track and I've decided to choose IC track at this moment. When you want to level up your skill, sharing your knowledge is one of the best ways.

I bought my domain at didiktrisusanto.dev and pointed to Showwcase platform as my main resume then with Cloudflare setup I make this blog to write more about software engineering, career journey, and backend programming. By having a domain, at least I have a mental note to utilize my domain with something beneficial to others.

I have no plan to continue to write on Medium again since I've found Hashnode or Showwcase has better communities that are suitable for my content niche. I'll let my Medium articles stay there because it seems still have quiet views.

90 days views

So I am planning to put more posts on Hashnode platform and use Showwcase for personal content like journalling or free writing.

So, happy to see you, everyone. See you later.